NADA Must Attend Workshop on Vehicle Appraisals: Counting Cars: How to Stop Gambling on What Cars are Worth

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If You or Key Managers are going to NADA

You have got to get to this Workshop on Vehicle Appraisals

Mark your calendar & sched to be at The Appraisal Lane Workshop

Be a innovator by bringing an Appraisal process to your dealership

Drill down & find the PDF of The Appraisal Lane workshop to see what you will learn:

“Counting Cars: Stop Gambling With Used Car Appraisals”

With Used-Car Appraisals Sixty percent of vehicles processed at a dealership are makes, models and trims not core to inventory needs. It’s never been more important to derive deep and actionable insights into your appraisal process. Discover new techniques and skills to drive conquest sales, manage inventory more effectively and yield hidden profits in fixed operations

Jeff Risner, The Appraisal Lane, will be presenting on Friday 3.23 & Saturday 3.24


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