Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nissan to Offer Titan with Factory-Authorized ICON Lift Kit

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Nissan’s Most Accessorized Models Receive Lift Kit Option

We’ve all probably had the same thought while checking out trucks on a dealership lot: cool trucks, but they could use a lift. And by lift we’re not talking metaphorical lift. We’re talking literal lift. Tastefully lifted trucks just look cool thanks to the slightly more aggressive stance, increased ground clearance, and augmented wheel travel. It’s easy to see why many casual truck enthusiasts opt for some sort of entry-level lift or leveling kit at some point. You can add the lift yourself or have a shop perform the install, but like most modifications, both options are not without risk: voided warranties, aftermarket parts failures, poor handling characteristics, bad alignment, incorrect shock tuning, compromised payload and towing, and so on.

The alternatives? Do nothing and drive a plain vanilla truck, or opt for a factory option—if there is one.

TITAN Lift Kit Photo 9

Photo 2/9   |   TITAN Lift Kit Photo 9

The folks at Nissan have upped their coolness status once again by announcing factory-authorized suspension lift kits for the Nissan Titan and Titan XD Crew Cab 4×4 models. Nissan dealerships handle the install in under four hours, so there’s no added stress for the owner. Since the kit is recognized by Nissan, its installation doesn’t void the bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage of 5 years/100,000 miles. The lift itself is covered by a separate warranty through its manufacturer. The lift doesn’t alter the factory payload or towing capabilities.

The manufacturer of the kit is California-based ICON Vehicle Dynamics. The kit includes adjustable coilover shock absorbers tuned specifically for the Titan to give up to 3 inches of lift, custom rod-end bearings, and patent-pending Delta Joints. It’s easy to install and completely bolt-on, requiring no cutting or drilling. This means the lift can be removed and the truck returned to stock without a trace. The offering from Nissan will be available in Spring 2018.

TITAN Lift Kit Photo 5

Photo 3/9   |   TITAN Lift Kit Photo 5

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