2017 Porsche Cayenne Turbo / Turbo S In-Depth Review: An Exercise in SUV Excess

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The 520-hp Cayenne Turbo and 570-hp Turbo S are two over-the-top crossovers that will embarrass most sports cars in a drag race, hang with sports sedans on a twisty road, and pamper their passengers in the process. Both wield a twin-turbocharged V-8 bolted to an eight-speed automatic transmission feeding an advanced all-wheel-drive system. Both have well-crafted interiors with rich materials, and both offer an extensive list of personalized options. Then again, that’s expected with machines that can exceed the cost of a house. Excessive power and price are what elevate these Porsches and rivals such as the 567-hp BMW X5 M to status symbols. That and the ability to tow an equally expensive wakeboarding boat while transporting the family in sybaritic comfort to Lake Tahoe certify the Cayenne Turbo twins as potent transport for the 1-percenters. READ MORE ››