EGEB: Tesla fights Australia, State level solar power rankings, 50MW wind turbine blade moving along, more

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UPDATED 2018 State Solar Power Ranking Report – A great tool to start your residential solar power research with.

Tesla spells out why markets are failing battery storage, big and small – Soon enough, we’ll look at powergrids that act this way as archaic. Limiting to society. “However, the true value of this rapid response is not fully recognised. The fastest contingency FCAS market is six seconds, while the Tesla Powerpack response time is <200ms (milliseconds).” It wants to see a market for fast frequency response that recognises the value of batteries (and presumably other inverter-based technologies) to fill that void, in much the same way that settlement periods are being reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. Here’s the biggest part of this equation – when an instantaneous power source acts to smooth out power grid imbalances, versus waiting 6 seconds, you can actually build 90% less of these specialized peaker plants. This hardware – energy storage with fast acting batteries – has just ended an entire market worth tens of billions.