Taking a Stand: Courageous Enterprise Leads Car Rental Industry–Cuts Off NRA Discount Program

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How the Car Rental Industry started a Movement:

Enterprise leads the Major car rental companies with National and Avis following:

Cuts off discount program for NARA members.

Sends a message to NRA that current positions on gun control are unacceptable.

Beginning of financial pressure on the NRA for its stands on current gun laws.

Major corporation are follow the Car Rental industry

Going after gun manufacturers next.

#BoycottNRA is the hash tag to see the impact on the NRA

See What New York Times coverage shows about dozens of companies following the lead of the RAC companies


The Article <a href=”http://abcnews.go.com/US/companies-cutting-ties-nra-grows-include-hertz-metlife/story?id=53322436″> appeared first on Automotive Digest.