2018 Nissan Titan XD In-Depth Review: A Cross-Duty Pickup That Misses the Point

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Goldilocks would be disappointed in the Titan XD. It attempts to strike the “just right” balance between light- and heavy-duty pickups. It has the trappings of a heavy-duty pickup: a bulky body, a beefy frame, and a torquey diesel-engine option. But in reality, its middling capability and performance are at best hardly better than those of light-duty trucks. Since the regular Titan already handles that class, the XD is a perplexing, in-between proposition. Its available Cummins V-8 diesel is exclusive to the XD model, but the powertrain’s crude operation and the litany of issues we experienced with our long-term example are alarming. Those convinced that the big Nissan can balance daily use and work abuse will enjoy a better ride than in its HD rivals, and they will appreciate supremely comfy seats and cool cargo-bed options. The Titan XD is neither great as a light-duty nor convincing as a heavy-duty pickup. READ MORE ››