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Bentley is yet to release a SuperSport version of the new Continental GT. So those who fancy an extra-powerful GT have to make do with the previous generation. That is not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, just look at this WheelsAndMore Bentley GT SuperSport 24. This ought to keepthe owner amused for another couple of years. 

In order to accomplish that WaM realized they have to boost he car’s visual appeal and its performance. After all, the owner of this Bentley GT SuperSport has already played with its 750 horsepower plenty. So they upped that to 800 horsepower and 1000 nm of torque. This was done through revised software and the use of pre-muffler replacement pipes and a flap exhaust with remote control. That means a whole new feel to the way the car accelerates, which keep things fresh. 

Then they set about upgrading the looks of the Bentley GT SuperSport. Now, Wheelandmore is not one for elaborate body kits and silly wraps. They prefer to achieve beauty through subtlety. And so they decided to play with the ride height first through adjustable electronic lowering module LowMaXX. This was then complemented with 6Sporz² rims in sizes 10.5×21 inches with 275/35/21 Pirelli high performance tires on the front; 10.5×22 inches with 285/30/22 tires from Continental outback. So both sizes and tire makes are different. 

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