McLaren Debuts Not-Quite Senna-Challenging Track Pack for the 720S

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It’s times like these I desperately wish I was independently wealthy, a comic-book villain, a rich old white dude, or someone with a “Sir” as my salutation. Why? Because McLaren’s 720S now comes with a weight-reducing Track Pack that ups the ante for the race-bred supercar, and my net worth is about equal to the answer of life, the universe, and everything else (for those who don’t know, it’s 42). Suffice it to say, I won’t be a McLaren customer anytime soon.

Much of the Track Pack is built on the liberal application of carbon fiber to the car, including a gloss-finished full-carbon fiber active rear wing. There’s also carbon fiber air intakes and door mirrors; carbon extended gearshift paddles and steering wheel; and fixed bucket seats. For those outside the United States, you lucky ducks will be treated to a titanium quarter-cage that allows for a set of racing harnesses. 

mclaren 720 s track packMcLaren / Facebook

As far as total weight savings, all that carbon fiber saves about 53 lbs. Not much, but neither is it an inconsequential amount either.

For better track work, as a Track Pack McLaren is wont to do, McLaren has fiddled with the suspension geometry and its engine in terms of response. Customers who choose the Track Pack are also treated to a new Track setting in the big Mac’s driving modes to better deliver blistering lap times and decimating performance. McLaren also includes more telemetry with track maps and on-board cameras.

Here’s the rub. You’re going to have to add about $37,000 to the already ludicrous nearly $300,000 sticker the 720S carries. That’s a lot of dough. Then again, the 720S is a nearly perfect car, but could be a little harder on the track. This may be the best one built. Yet, for true track rats with the means and the motivation to go full racer, McLaren does offer the Senna and the 720S GT3.

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