Trans Terras: Celebrate Land Rover’s 70th Birthday in the Old West

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Image courtesy Jaguar Land Rover.

For Jared Zaugg, vintage Land Rovers mean adventure. And what better way to celebrate adventure than to organize a gathering of the classic, aluminum-bodied, do-everything British vehicles?

Zaugg has organized Trans Terras, “A Land Rover Love In” for Saturday, November 3, at the Paramount Ranch in Calabasas, California. Free and open to the public, the car show invites owners of Series I-III Land Rovers and first-generation Range Rovers to attend. “We’re doing it this year because it’s Land Rover’s 70th birthday,” says Zaugg, “and because the timing feels right. It’s meant to be like a cars-n-coffee with a twist. We’re calling it a Land Rover love in.” Owners of other classic and exotic utility vehicles are also welcome to bring them along. We’re talking to you with the Unimog, the Pinzgauer, the Volvo Laplander, and other such machines.

First, one-millionth and two-millionth Land Rovers produced. Image courtesy Bonhams.

Just as Land Rover’s new-car sales have been going off the charts for several years, interest in vintage Landys has also grown exponentially, from collectors of factory-correct models to somewhat restomodded versions to military versions to those that never seem to be clean from all the dirt they accumulate. As Zaugg points out, “They are utilitarian, purpose-built, full of character and, despite their notorious reliability, have literally conquered the world. They’re an international icon.”

Paramount Ranch. Image courtesy of the National Park Service.

The Paramount Ranch is an Old West movie set that was once part of a 2,700-acre compound owned by Paramount Studios in the coastal Santa Monica Mountains northwest of Los Angeles, and due north of Malibu. There was even a paved, 11-turn, two-mile racetrack on it until multiple fatalities caused owners to shut it down. Any semblance of the racing circuit is all but gone now. Since 1980, the Paramount Ranch has been part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which is managed by the National Park Service, in coordination with state and local agencies, along with universities that have existing interests in the area.

Image courtesy Cool & Vintage.

The Land Rover “love in” will take place on the remaining Old West movie set. As a National Park Service-managed area, no off-roading is permitted. But Zaugg points out that this event is not a concours, nor a rally (“at least not this year”), but “a grassroots effort that’s meant to be fun, boost camaraderie, increase appreciation, and provide community.” He suggests you bring a smile…and sunscreen.

Even if you don’t have a Land Rover, but you appreciate them or even the Old West movie set, you are invited to attend. Since it’s a relatively short drive from Los Angeles (and a good chunk of the Santa Monica Mountains are in Los Angeles County), it seems a good reason to get out of the city and into nature while still enjoying our cars.

Land Rover Series IIA. Image courtesy Milan Spasić.

The event runs from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Directions and event detail can be found at Food trucks are promised to be there from noon to 2:00 p.m. to keep all adventure-loving car people well fed. Interested Land Rover owners can enter their vehicles (free of charge) by clicking here on the Trans Terra website entry form.


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