Buy them before we do: second-hand picks for 9 November

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Lincoln Navigator, £26,340: It’s brash, it’s tacky, it’s left-hand drive – it’s an unregistered Lincoln Navigator for £26,340, about £20k less than a new Ford Edge Vignale. Features include active parking, a surround-view camera and uprated audio, and 0-62mph takes just 5.8sec. It’s the old third-generation model and a handful on narrow streets, but what larks!

Auction watch:

Volkswagen Golf TDI GT: According to Statistica (a statistics company, surprisingly), the average annual mileage of a diesel car across all the ages it surveyed is 11,000 miles. That being so, it’s fair to say that the 2001 diesel Golf GT that had 355,000 miles under its wheels and was knocked out at auction for £210 recently was a high-miler. 

To have been considered average mileage, it would have done 187,000 miles. Not that anyone would have described it as such. Instead, anything over 100,000 miles is routinely described as high mileage and to be avoided. At least one Golf buyer wasn’t fazed.

Get it while you can:

Suzuki Jimny SZ4 – Price new £14,299. Price now £15,999: Who would believe it? Nearly new Jimnys appear to be more expensive than new ones were before they sold out, ahead of the all-new model coming early next year. The £15,999 quoted here relates to a 67-reg SZ4 with 7746 miles at a Suzuki dealer. It has metallic paint and some nice alloy wheels but is otherwise standard. The all-new model will cost from around £16,000 and is, says our tester who reviewed it, “capable, confident and utterly compelling”. ‘Get it when it arrives’ would be our advice, although there is a long waiting list.

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