Four-Links – blowin’ bubbles, Art Trailer Gallery, Patterson, Russian Impala stout

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Wanna see how Jeffrey Jones blew the bubbletop for his Mysterion clone? Fortunately, this week he wrote up an Instructable for the extremely detail-oriented process.

* Sou’wester Arts in Oregon took a dilapidated RV park and turned it into a sort of hotel-slash-art gallery with discounted rates for artists-in-residency.

* Motorcities this week explored the history of the Patterson-Greenfield, the only car company started and run by African-Americans.

* Somehow, one of the most American of vehicles — a Chevrolet Impala four-door hardtop — made it into Soviet Russia in the Sixties. Not only does it remain in Moscow, but as English Russia wrote this week, it’s gone under restoration there as well. (h/t Steve)

* Finally, it’s several years old now, but Mercedes-Benz put together this quick history of the Unimog. (via)

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