Junkyard Find: 1982 Dodge 400 Landau Coupe

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Lee Iacocca’s original Chrysler K Platform spawned an incomprehensible tangle of K-related offspring between the 1981 and 1995 model years, but only a few U.S.-market models were true K-Cars: the Chrysler LeBaron, Plymouth Reliant, Dodge Aries, Dodge 600, and Dodge 400.

Of these, the 400 has been the hardest for me to find in the self-service wrecking yards I frequent; in fact, this is the first junkyard Dodge 400 I’ve photographed.

1982 Dodge 400 in Colorado wrecking yard, hood - ©2018 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsLocated in a Colorado junkyard near Pikes Peak, the resale value this first-year-of-production 400 appears to have been reduced to scrap prices by a hailstorm. Dimpled metal, smashed glass— an all-too-common occurrence along the Front Range. It might have been a nice, well-preserved classic before the hail.

1982 Dodge 400 in Colorado wrecking yard, dash emblem - ©2018 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsThe 400 was supposed to fit between the luxurious LeBaron and the sensible Aries. The 1982 400 coupe listed at $8,043 (about $21,500 in 2018 dollars), versus just $5,990 for the cheapest two-door Aries. The most affordable ’82 LeBaron coupe started at $8,143, a probably intentional exact hundred bucks more than the 400.

1982 Dodge 400 in Colorado wrecking yard, landau roof - ©2018 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsChrysler didn’t put LANDAU emblems on these cars, but this one has the 1970s-style padded landau roof (which continued to be used on the Dodge Dynasty well into the 1990s).

1982 Dodge 400 in Colorado wrecking yard, engine - ©2018 Murilee Martin - The Truth About CarsThe 400’s 2.2-liter Chrysler four-cylinder made 84 horses in 1982; a Mitsubishi Astron 2.6-liter rated at 92 horsepower was optional. This car has the Chrysler engine.

This is no way to treat a personal luxury car!

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