Jeep Trackhawk Dusts Audi Quattro, TVR In Lopsided Drag Race

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It’s a weird, totally unfair matchup – but we’re glad it happened.

By now, you should all be familiar with how ridiculously fast Jeep’s 707-horsepower, Hellcat-powered, Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is. It can sprint to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in a blistering 3.7 seconds, conquer the quarter mile in just 11.6 seconds, and flat out, it will hit 180 mph (289 kmh).

In an effort to further prove its worth in a straight line – outside of the fan-sanctioned drag races we’ve already seen – Jeep’s European division lined up its Hellcat-powered SUV alongside two odd competitors: The Audi Quattro and the TVR Griffith. Other than being two iconic sports cars (more so the former), they match up pretty terribly to the Trackhawk.

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has 707 hp. The Audi Quattro has 340 hp (253 kW), and the TVR has 220 hp (164 kW). The Trackhawk can sprint to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. The Audi will hit 60 it in 4.1 seconds, and the TVR will do it 6.2 seconds. The Jeep tops out at 180 mph. The Audi will only hit 167 mph (286 kmh), and the TVR just 145 mph (233 kmh).

Really, the only area these two coupes have an advantage over the Jeep is weight; the Trackhawk tips the scales at 5,363 pounds (2,432 kilograms). Whatever the case, we’re not complaining – watching these three cars in a straight line is something we’ll probably never see again, even if it isn’t a fair fight.

If you haven’t already guessed, the Jeep demolishes these two classics. The Trackhawk’s 645 pound-feet (864 Newton-meters) of torque push the big-bodied SUV off the line with ease, outgunning the Quattro and Griffith easily. The Jeep beats the Griffith by about three seconds, and the Audi by about seven seconds, by our count.

But this definitely isn’t the first time Jeep’s Trackhawk has lined up against stiff competition – some cars far more powerful than these two, for what it’s worth. The Trackhawk has raced cars like the McLaren 570S, the Cadillac ATS-V, and 800-hp Escalade, and even a widebody Dodge Challenger.

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Jeep has put its fastest ever SUV, the V8-engined Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, to the ultimate test in straight-line speed – a Top Trumps inspired drag race against two of the most iconic pin-up performance cars ever built. Watch here: Trackhawk video

Racing against a classic 1991 Audi Quattro and TVR Griffith, the 710 hp, V8 Grand Cherokee went head-to-head against the iconic performance cars to celebrate a limited run of models going on sale, and to pay homage to the legendary poster cars of yesteryear.

With the combination of a supercharged 6.2-litre HEMI® V8 engine, launch control and a torque reserve system, the Trackhawk boasts a blistering 0-62 mph time of 3.7 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 11.48 seconds, turning the traditional sense of a supercar on its head, and positioning Trackhawk as a true Supercar SUV.

Reaching a blazing 119 mph over the quarter-mile distance, the Trackhawk’s challengers finished with equally quick times, the Audi Quattro and TVR Griffith crossing the finish line in 18.48 seconds and 13.81 seconds respectively.

And while the poster cars, when originally launched, would have commanded a hefty price, as they are likely do even today, when you take Trackhawk’s price tag and compare pound cost per horsepower (£/hp) it comes in at just £127 (£/hp). This compares extremely favourably against the Bentley Bentayga at £296 (£/hp) and) the Lamborghini Urus at £257 (£/hp).

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