Four-Links – Buick’s V-12, electric motorcycle history, first cloverleaf, FIVA on responsible use

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Wait, you say, Buick never made a V-12. Except, as Mac’s Motor City Garage detailed recently, Buick did build two cars powered by experimental V-12s designed by Leo Goossen. One is restored, the other long missing.

* The Vintagent did some deep diving recently to produce this first chapter on the history of electric motorcycles as part of its overall e-bike coverage. Looking forward to future chapters.

* Cloverleaf intersections have become so ubiquitous, it’s strange to think they weren’t first implemented until 1931, a fact that MotorCities recently relayed. By the way, the original intersection (in Woodbury, New Jersey) still exists but appears to have been heavily reconfigured.

* FIVA recently introduced its guide for responsible motoring in old cars, specifically with an eye on environmental responsibility and on the safety of fellow drivers.

* Finally, inspired by “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Joe Essid pointed out that Queen’s official music video for “I’m in Love With My Car” includes a lot of intriguing historical racing footage.

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