Four-Links – lost Indy 500 broadcasts, DeLorean the man, GM the housebuilder, 1901 Packard

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The IMS Museum announced this week that it has digitized a good number of recordings of Indy 500 races past and is now offering the digital recordings for sale.

* The story that Alex Pappademas wrote about John DeLorean for The Outline this week doesn’t exactly paint the former GM and DMC exec in a positive light, but it’s fascinating throughout.

* After World War I, Pontiac, Michigan, encountered a housing shortage, so GM — then in need of more workers for its plants — built an entire subdivision of houses, some of which have been selected for restoration in the GM Modern Housing project.

* The National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio, recently announced that it had received a 1901 Packard Model C as a long-term loan, making the museum home to two of the five oldest surviving Packards.

* Finally, somebody on the Motorology Facebook group recently posted a video of that one time Zandvoort hosted a race of DAFs running in reverse, and, of course, some genius on YouTube decided to reverse the footage. suoiraliH.

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