Afterhours #4: Glitter Bomb Video Brings Levity to Serious Porch Pirate Issue

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Revenge on Package Thieves

Stolen Package From Front Door

  |   Stolen Package From Front Door

My husband insisted that I watch a video of some glitter bomb contraption aimed at catching porch pirates in the act while punishing them with a hearty poof of glitter and sweet fart smell aroma. Honestly, I didn’t want to watch it and only obliged to make him quit bringing it up. Also, I figured the whole topic would just fire me up even more about package thieves and elevate my stress level regarding the successful delivery of outstanding Christmas gifts. With Christmas a mere week away, a plethora of my remaining Amazon deliveries are estimated to arrive when I’m not going to be home for the entire day. I don’t know what’s more stressful—hoping none of my Christmas gifts and truck project packages are stolen or finding a place to park at the mall.
Glitter Bomb Glitter Loading

  |   Glitter Bomb Glitter Loading

Anyway, I watched the video, and admittedly, I enjoyed every minute of it. I can almost see why it has over 13 million views in about 24 hours. The concept is incredibly clever and acutely engineered, designed to capture video evidence of shamed thieves without actually hurting them. It’s the dream device that violated and helpless victims of package theft have always wished existed. If I were a thief, I’d think twice.

Here’s to hoping all your packages arrive successfully this Christmas season. And remember—buying her a lift for your truck may make for some angry glares on Christmas morning.

YouTube: Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap by Mark Rober

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