Ford Courier Spotted Testing

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That is not a van you are seeing. Ford Motor Company has cleverly disguised its upcoming Courier model to look like one and fool us. They went as far as making a high-roof body on this model, barn doors at the rear, and a faux sliding door. Our trained eyes confirm this is the car-based pickup truck Ford has been working on for some time.

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We know the model will be based on Ford’s new scalable front-drive platform. It is currently used in the Focus. We suspect two- and four-door options will be available. Under the hood, expect a turbo four-cylinder gasoline engine. While we expect the Courier to be front-wheel drive, an all-wheel drive is possible but unlikely to come to market. We also suspect Ford may be working on a hybrid model.

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Now that Ford has finally released the Ranger to the market, and with the decline of car models across the American manufacturers, the Courier is perfectly positioned to fill that void. Ford no doubt wants to dominate the ever-growing truck and SUV market.

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The Ford Courier will most likely be assembled at Ford’s Mexico plant, but that could change with the recent renegotiated NAFTA/USMCA agreement. We can expect to see the Courier by 2022.

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