Autocar's guide to the best things to do in 2019

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Try autosolo 

Looking for an absorbing form of motorsport that won’t break the bank, damage your car, or require a special licence or expensive driving gear? Try autosolo. You can compete in anything and, although speeds are low, you drive coned-off courses repeatedly as hard as your car will go. Steve Cropley

Engage with an entire Formula E weekend

It isn’t just the lack of noise and the restrictive street circuits that have stopped you from engaging with Formula E so far – you also haven’t taken the time to find your favourite driver, or understand the rivalries between the teams, or get a feel for the narrative of the championship. The moment you feel invested in one team or driver, you’ll very quickly see through whatever racing shortcomings had bothered you before now. This season, follow an entire Formula E race weekend from start to finish, properly engage with it and see if electric racing can win you over. Dan Prosser

Watch rallying on closed public roads

Last year saw the first-ever closed-road stage rally in England and the Corbeau Seats Tendring and Clacton Rally, organised by Chelmsford Motor Club, will run again in 2019. It’s a great way to watch some thrilling motorsport for free. 

But what exactly is a closed-road stage rally? Until last year, the Road Traffic Act 1988 made it illegal to take part in a race or speed trial on a ‘public way’. So competitive rally stages could only take place on private land like a country estate or Forestry Commission sites. Thanks to an amendment, organisers can apply to Motorsport UK (the motorsport governing body in the UK) to hold a competitive event on closed public roads. So far, doing so has only been legal in Ireland, the Isle of Mull, the Scottish Borders and the Isle of Man. 

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