Top 5 Race Tracks in the World

Ok. Let’s start by putting out there that this is a highly subjective topic. From person to person, the opinions on the top five or even top ten tracks in the world are likely to vary substantially. The only criteria we are using here is that the tracks have to be cool and interesting to motorsports enthusiasts. Read More

5 Things to Know Before Starting a Rideshare Company

Any time you use a popular rideshare app, you probably think that you could start a similar company of your own. After all, all you need are some drivers and an app to connect them with people needing a ride. How hard can it really be?

The fact is, it’s a little more involved than simply launching an app and recruiting drivers with reliable vehicles. That’s not to say that it cannot be done, but before you start down the road toward becoming a ridesharing mogul, there are a few things that you need to know. Read More

How Fast Will Electric Cars Charge in the Future?

Electric cars have a lot going for them. Many governments have subsidies for consumers, they’re cheaper to fuel, they have reduced emissions, the maintenance is cheaper and so on.

However, they also have a bunch of disadvantages. They’re more expensive to buy, lack recharging infrastructure and, as we’re going to discuss today, they take significantly longer to refuel. Read More

Motoring – The Last of the Man’s Man Activities!

In today’s politically-correct, gender-fluid, safe-space-obsessed world, men are starting to lose their very character. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing that we are finally paying some tax for all the fun we’ve been having the past, I don’t know, three centuries. But it’s also sad that we’re being robbed off, often voluntarily, of many of the features that make us who we are.  Read More

The New BMW M8 Is Coming, And It’s Magnificent!

Yes, it took them a while, but the Bavarian nutters who work at BMW’s M department have finally got around producing an M version of the new 8-Series. The 2020 BMW M8 is in the final phases of development and we have the first specs and details right here. 

If you find the looks of the new BMW M8 a bit underwhelming at first glance, don’t blame the car. For one thing, it is still camouflaged and deceptively decorated with distracting designs. What’s more, it is based on the 8-Series, and we have all grown accustomed to way that car looks after seeing the coupe and the convertible variants. So yes, the aesthetics of the M8 does not deliver the punch one would expect from a car like this. But that is not to say it’s rubbish. It looks just right. Read More

Car Finance Vs Short Term Car Leasing

When it comes to choosing a new or nearly new car, a lot of people opt for a bank loan or personal contract purchase/hire for the financial arrangements. These options can often take several years to pay off, but why make such a long term commitment and tie yourself to one vehicle for such a long period of time?  With variety being the spice of life, there are many benefits to selecting short term car leasing over long term finance. Read More

Injured In A Car Accident? Here’s What You Should Do For The Best Settlement

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. If you are injured, you could have to deal with pain and suffering along with possible loss of income due to missing work. The hassle of dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be really stressful whether you live in New York or Texas. Dealing with insurance companies, benefits administrators and doctors can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Read More

How to Avoid a Scam When Buying a Used Car

When it comes to buying a car, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a used vehicle from a private seller. But there’s also the risk of getting scammed or ripped off. If you choose to go this route, make sure you know how to protect yourself.

Be Aware of These 3 Scams

If you want a good deal on a vehicle, buying used in a private sale is the best way to go. When compared to a pre-owned vehicle at a dealership or car lot, you can expect to save as much as 10 to 20 percent. But along with this discounted price, you have to absorb some of the risk that a dealer-based transaction protects you from. Read More

All You Need To Know About Driver CPC Courses

The driver CPC training was introduced as a mandatory part of all bus and lorry driver’s training schedule as of 2014 onwards.  So, if you are a bus or lorry driver, you would need to choose the driver CPC training or the company you work for will choose the training for you.

Completing driver CPC training is beneficial because it helps improve your driving knowledge, increases your safety, and makes you more employable.  The courses require you to complete 35 hours of training every five years.  However, it is best to break this down to one day each year so it is not such a large burden in the fifth year when you would need to take a week for completion. Read More

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Car For Better Performance

Every car owner wants their car to be performing as well as possible. This often means that the car will last longer and run a lot more smoothly in the future. In this article, we are going to discuss five ways that you can upgrade your car for better performance. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this. Read More

The Advantages of an LLC

An LLC or Limited Liabilities Company is a form of private company that’s not as complex as it sounds. When you set up business, you will need to determine in what form it should take, and an LLC provides the most benefits compared to general partnerships and C-corporations.

One thing’s for sure, an LLC is preferable for startups that want to secure their investments and tap into possibilities for greater growth. And like a sole proprietorship, an LLC enjoys a pass-through treatment for any and all income it derives from its operations. Read More

Guidelines for Buying Used Cars

Millions of used cars exchange hands every year all over the world. According to, 42.7 million light used vehicles were sold in 2017 in the United States alone.

So why should you consider buying a second-hand car instead of new? A used car will save you money on taxes, registration and depreciation (the loss in car value over time due to wear and tear). However, with the numerous options available, getting a car that fits your budget and meets your needs can be quite challenging. Read More

What to do after a Real End Car or Truck Accident

Car accidents are very common in the world. These accidents can happen anytime anywhere. Some accidents are not so devastating but most of them are very dangerous. If anyone has been involved in a car accident, he may need to hire a car accident lawyer. An efficient attorney can help you to recover your loss resulting from that car accident. He can negotiate the statements. Read More

What Does the Future Have in Store for Automobile Glass Technology?

The automobile industry is evolving. Cars are becoming more than just transportation vehicles. With the changes in the technological landscape, vehicles have evolved as well; self-driving cars with AI technology are slowly being integrated to the road.

One might expect that future happens in leaps and bounds. But sometimes, technological advancements happen with the tiniest or most mundane of things. Windshields, for example, are probably one of the more ubiquitous parts of cars. But windshields are now serving more than one function. With society’s emphasis on multifunctionality, even this simple part of an automobile can do more than just protect passengers from the outside elements and provide structural integrity to a car. Read More

Road Safety First: Four Things to Check In Your Car Regularly

A recent car accident involved a limousine that crashed in upstate New York and killed 20 people, including the driver and two pedestrians. According to news reports, the vehicle had failed its road safety test and was deemed unfit for road use.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicular mechanical failure or issues caused 44,000 accidents in 2015. Although a smaller number when compared to driver-caused accidents, the NHTSA did note that the actual numbers may be bigger than inferred. Accidents like the one above are avoidable if only car owners and proprietors conduct regular vehicle maintenance. Read More

The Advantages Of Getting A Van Finance Lease

If you have ever thought about buying yourself a van, you might have also considered getting some van finance. There are many benefits to choosing van finance such as the fact that you get your hands on a brand new van and you’ll be able to spread out the initial cost. On top of this, there are many other benefits and to help you to decide if van finance is for you, we have put the benefits together in an article. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this. Read More

Attorney in Las Vegas for Car Accident Cases

The unpredictable situations in life like accidents can happen anytime with anyone. Some accidents are fortunate to not cause any damage to the belongings or the individuals but some are devastating. The unfortunate car accidents arise so many questions like; who was on fault? How much damage has been caused? Who is going to compensate for the damage to the car? What about the medical bills? How to claim the insurance policy? The human loss, pain and suffering is the key consequence of the accident that is the most difficult to handle. Read More

Official: 2019 Porsche Panamera GTS and Panamera GTS Sport Turismo

With Porsche nothing is ever enough. That is why there are a million different flavors of the 911, and why the same is true, give or take, of all their models. So please welcome the new 2019 Porsche Panamera GTS, and it’s shooting brake cousin, the Panamera GTS Sport Turismo.

So if you have already bought a regular version one of these models, I bet your blood is boiling right now. If you had waited just a little longer you could have gotten that hot version. And they are indeed hot.The 2019 Porsche Panamera GTS in both its variants feature a four-liter twin-turbo V8 engine peaking at 453 horsepower and 457 lb.-ft. of torque. Granted, the horsepower is not that much more than the standard version, but you get more than 70 extra torque. And that is how Panamera GTS and Porsche Panamera GTS Sport Turismo models accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.9 seconds and reach 181 mph (179 mph Turismo). Read More

GM Switches to Turbo for Mid-Engined Corvette C8.R

Photo: Sportscar365

Chevrolet has apparently opted for a turbocharged engine for its all-new mid-engined Corvette C8.R, as exclusively revealed in a series of spy photos by Sportscar365 earlier today.

Sportscar365 has additionally obtained trackside audio from the car’s rollout at Road America on Wednesday, which saw the Pratt & Miller-built GTE machine complete a series of installation laps prior to more consistent running later in the morning. Read More

VIDEO: We take you on a walkaround of the new BMW X5

At the moment, the new BMW X5 is the hottest Bavarian on the market (well, the Audi Q8 is also Bavarian and it’s pretty popular, too). It’s the fourth generation in the X5’s history and it looks better than ever before. Not only does it look better than ever, its interior is far superior to any of its predecessors. It seems to be a superb all around package. In this new video, our own Horatiu takes us on a walkaround of the new X5, shows us its new design, its new interior and its new technology. Read More

Autonomous Shared Cars Will Require Different Interior Materials Because People are Slobs

I’m a member of ZipCar, which I love for the convenience. But one thing that always reminds you that you’re in a shared car is the state of the interiors. I’ve experienced the following in a ZipCar: Sticky steering wheels, candy wrappers and potato chip bags shoved into various orifices, stained seats, liquid stains on the dashboard, and–three times!–cigarette ashes on the dashboard/console/seating. Read More

Ford’s pickup trucks alone would be more profitable than McDonald’s or 3M, Morgan Stanley says

If Ford Motor Co.’s F-Series pickup franchise were one company, it would rake in more profit than giants such as McDonald’s Corp. MCD, -0.15% 3M Co. MMM, +0.01% and United Technologies Corp. UTX, +0.16% analysts at Morgan Stanley said in a note Wednesday.

The “exercise,” as the analysts called it, serves to show how the market underestimates Ford’s pickup business, they said. Read More

Most Americans fear driverless cars

A lot of Americans are fearful of autonomous cars, but 33% are at least somewhat likely to buy one once they are available, according to a new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.

Why it matters: To the degree the survey is accurate and reflects a broad global trend, everything from the world’s sprawling car industry, to roads and cities themselves, could be on the cusp of a fundamental transformation. Read More

BMW’s Magna solid-state lidar deal paves the way to autonomy

Many automakers believe that lidar, light-based mapping, is the key to vehicle autonomy. However, lidar is still pretty darn expensive, which makes mass-market adoption difficult. A new kind of lidar could change that, and BMW is ready to adopt it.

Magna and Innoviz Technologies announced today that the two companies will provide BMW with solid-state lidar technology for its future autonomous vehicles. Magna is a global automotive supplier, while Innoviz specializes in building lidar systems. Its new product, the InnovizOne, will be what ends up in BMW’s vehicles. Read More

Amazon starts delivering to your car trunk, wherever it’s parked

SAN FRANCISCO — I gave Amazon the keys to my car last week and it went pretty well.

Not that Amazon needed a lift (and the actual key was a digital one.) I was testing a new program, launching Tuesday, that lets Amazon drivers unlock a customer’s vehicle via an app and leave their packages inside it, rather than on their doorstep. Think of it as Amazon turning your car into a locker, only you get to decide where the locker is located — and you can move it around. Read More

Watch This Guy Ride His Dirt Bike Across Lake Como

We’ve seen motorcyclists do some crazy things, but this has got to be one of the most ambitious. Last year, rider Luca Colombo rode his Suzuki 450 clear across the top of Lake Como, setting the world record for a freshwater distance cross on a motorcycle, which is apparently a category of record that needed to be set. This is the first time we’ve seen the video, and thought it’d be a great thing to share. Read More

Wireless CarPlay Review: 2018 BMW 640i GT cuts the cord – SlashGear

CarPlay has been around since iOS 7.1, but it’s only with the arrival of iOS 9 that wireless support was added. Still, the theory remains the same. To encourage you to leave your distracting phone out of your hand, CarPlay offers the basics drivers might need – calls, messages, Siri, and music being the main features – in an interface specially designed to be easy (and safer) to use while simultaneously driving. Read More

Luminar’s New Lidar Could Bring Vision to Every Robocar in The World

Self-driving cars are nearly ready for primetime, and so are the laser sensors that help them see the world. Lidar, which builds a 3-D map of a car’s surroundings by firing millions of laser points a second and measuring how long they take to bounce back, has been in development since 2005, when a guy named Dave Hall made one for the Darpa Grand Challenge, an autonomous vehicle contest. In the decade-plus since then, if you wanted a lidar for your self-driving car, Velodyne was your only choice. Read More

The Worst Thing About Tesla’s 123,000-Car Recall? Crummy Timing

THURSDAY EVENING, TENS of thousands of Tesla Model S owners got an email warning them that the power steering on their electric cars might fail. Bolts that hold the system together have been corroding and weakening, particularly when exposed to harsh winter road conditions.

“We have observed excessive corrosion in the power steering bolts, though only in very cold climates, particularly those that frequently use calcium or magnesium road salts, rather than sodium chloride (table salt),” the email read. “Nonetheless, Tesla plans to replace all early Model S power steering bolts in all climates worldwide to account for the possibility that the vehicle may later be used in a highly corrosive environment.” Read More

2019 GMC Sierra AT4 gives Raptor and Ram a new off-road rival

The 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 blends off-road hardware into a modern, thoroughly updated pickup truck that doesn’t skimp on power, luxury, or safety equipment. From its higher suspension setup to its available carbon-fiber cargo bed and the new MultiPro tailgate, the 2019 Sierra AT4 is a direct shot across the bow — or cargo beds, if you prefer — of staunch rivals like the Ford F-150, Dodge Ram and Toyota Tundra. Read More

Here is the Lincoln Continental we were promised in 2002 and what it should have looked like

This is the 2002 Lincoln Continental concept. Yes, you read that right: 2002. It’s still so good that it not only puts the current Lincoln Continental to shame, but Lincoln should seriously just go ahead and put it into production.

Would it be a kind of admission of defeat for Lincoln to go back to a style it showed off back in the first Bush administration? Yes. But again, look at this car. Read More

The new Toyota Corolla will have Apple CarPlay and Amazon’s Alexa

Still no word on Android Auto, though.

The 2019 Toyota Corolla is making its global debut at the New York International Auto Show this week, and it has a few surprises hidden inside its tiny hatchback — most notably Apple’s CarPlay and Amazon’s Alexa.

Toyota first added CarPlay earlier this year in the 2019 Avalon. It was a shift for the Japanese automaker, which famously abstained from adopting either CarPlay or Android Auto in its cars for years. Up until 2015, Toyota was on record as preferring its own in-house proprietary operating system, and even when Toyota eventually switched to another company’s system in 2016, it was to adopt Ford’s SmartDeviceLink app platform, not Apple or Google’s software. Read More

These are the 20 cool cars we can’t wait to see at the 2018 New York Auto Show

After the annual supercar festival that was the Geneva Motor Show, the New York International Auto Show is a much more laid-back affair with more of a focus on cars for everyday life.

But don’t you worry. There’s still plenty of automotive hotness to go around.

For over 115 years, the New York Auto Show has been one of the largest car shows in the US and a place for carmakers to see and be seen. Read More

Enough With The Lies — Electric Cars Are Far Greener Than Gas Cars #Basta

The weather forecast for electric vehicle (EV) naysayers is getting worse. Storms have battered the entrenched camps, and after successful waves of pushback and myth busting, yet another study tells the world what we all should know → EVs are clean and getting cleaner.

Tough Day Again For Naysayers…

All things considered, EV naysayers are getting smaller and smaller in number. A decade ago, the simple mention of dropping a gas engine for an electric motor would raise lively debates that would turn downright vicious online. But as the technology matures, as it constantly beats on gasoline cars, and as numerous carmakers are finally getting serious about EVs, they are becoming mainstream. One nagging myth surrounding them is that they pollute. This new (or updated) study paints a different picture. Read More

Toyota Hilux: Tough little truck turns 50

If you were to rank vehicles that do what they’re told to do, the Toyota Hilux might be one of the top five greatest workhorses of all time. For 50 years, over eight generations, the Hilux has proved itself to be reliable, durable, yet modest about its achievements.

The Hilux was born in March 1968, as the replacement for two separate pickup model lines under Toyota’s corporate umbrella. Beneath it was the Hino Briska, a sedan-derived delivery truck from the early 1960s, and the Hilux also replaced the older Toyota Stout model originally dating from the manufacturer’s Toyopet days. Hino was bought out by Toyota right before the Hilux came to be, and from that point on it has only made trucks, including assembling Hiluxes. Read More

The First LS1-Powered Pontiac Trans Am Was a Monster

The LS family of V8s are GM’s gift to those seeking affordable, reliable performance, and that was true 20 years ago. For 1998, Pontiac equipped the Trans Am with a 305-hp version of the LS1, and immediately, a new benchmark for cheap speed was established. As Motorweek notes in this 1998 review, the Trans Am offered “Corvette performance for a minivan price.” Read More

Preview: New Netflix car show pits home built muscle against top supercars

What does it take to build a car in your garage that can beat the best modern supercars? A new Netlfix series called Fastest Car aims to show viewers the hard work necessary to topple an automotive giant with a homebuilt machine. It premieres on April 6.

According to Netflix’s description, each hour-long episode will feature three tuned vehicles taking on a supercar. The trailer for the series (above) mostly shows the cars drag racing against each other, but it at least hints that some of the challenges might take place on a racing circuit, too. Read More

Lithium metal batteries could triple EV ranges, and they’re getting closer

If you ask people for their number one concern about making the jump to an electric vehicle, driving range will pretty much always be the answer. No matter how many press releases automakers send out touting incremental improvements, people still worry about being left stranded. The reason is simple: even with Level 2 equipment, it still takes several hours to charge up an EV, and people know they don’t have that kind of time. Even a DC Fast Charger (if your car supports it) takes most of an hour if you want more than 80% of your range. Read More

2020 BMW i4 EV to have Tesla-beating range

The BMW i Vision Dynamics concept unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show previewed what a production full-electric four-door might look like. Now, BMW has confirmed that a production version will indeed arrive by 2020 and that it will have Tesla-beating range.

As reported by Auto Express, BMW CEO Harald Kruger says that brand’s fully electric eDrive line-up, which includes the i4, will be able to do 550-700 kilometres (340-435 miles) on a single charge. Last September, the concept was only mentioned to be able to reach 370 miles, so the projected range has improved significantly. Read More

Cadillac CT6 V-Sport: 550-HP Twin-Turbo V8 and All-Wheel Drive

Cadillac revamps the big-luxury CT6 with Escala-inspired styling and a brand-new twin-turbo engine making an astounding 627 lb-ft of torque.

Cadillac just gave the CT6 an aesthetic refresh that greatly echoes the styling of the dramatic Escala concept car. And even better: There’s a new high-performance CT6 V-Sport, with an all-new twin-turbo V8 kicking out 550 horsepower.

The CT6 V-Sport, shown here, will hit the market in the first half of 2019. The CT6, you’ll recall, is the longest and most luxurious of Caddy’s sedan lineup, above the CTS, ATS, and soon-to-be-terminated XTS. It’s Cadillac’s answer to the German onslaught of luxury sedans, going toe-to-toe with 5-Series and 7-Series, E- and S-Class, and A6 and A8. Read More

“Top Gear” Has Become What “The Grand Tour” Should Have Always Been

With The Grand Tour, we hoped Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May would do something new. Freed from the BBC and given a giant production budget, the former Top Gear hosts were given a golden opportunity to break out of the formula they’d perfected. Two seasons in, The Grand Tour has shown moments of greatness, but they’re tempered by the same stale jokes, catchphrases and tropes we came to expect from their final seasons on Top Gear. Read More

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