Ewy Rosqvist Was Winning Women's Rally Championships While Still Working as a Veterinary Surgeon

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When Ewy Rosqvist bought her first Mercedes-Benz, she didn’t have racing in mind. The only girl born to a Swedish farming family, she was encouraged to attend an agricultural college to study veterinary medicine, a career that required her to drive up to 200 kilometers every day on narrow dirt roads. She needed something nimble and quick to get her from Point A to Point B. Read More

This Tire-Smoking Porsche 944 Showed Me Why You Basic Bros Love the LS Swap So Much

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For years, I have been meh about the LS swap. General Motors’ ubiquitous V8 engine fits almost anywhere! It makes a lot of power! I know, I know. But it’s so common. It is the “live, laugh, love” of engine swaps, my dudes. It is as basic as pumpkin spice. I got bored of hearing about them. Read More

This Month Is Your Last Chance to Get the Full EV Tax Credit on a Tesla

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Tesla’s tax credit time is up, oil production is at all time highs, BMW isn’t confident about next year, and an auto supplier founder is suing his daughter over the family fortune. All of this and more in The Morning Shift for Friday, Oct. 12, 2018.

First Gear: Time Is Running Out For Tesla Tax Credits Read More

This Mud-Splattered 911 Targa Rally Car Is The Best Kind Of Porsche

At Rennsport Reunion, an event full of every conceivable mind-blowing Porsche that you can think of, one car upstaged them all. It wasn’t an ex-Le Mans car, a shop build funded by an unlimited pocketbook, or even a Paris-Dakar racer. It was this rowdy, dirty, lifted 1974 911 Targa with the fenders sawzalled off that competes in off-road racing. It wasn’t even racing at Rennsport and it won the weekend. Read More

Interest Rates Are Getting Too High for New Car Buyers

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Car loan interest rates are too high, a Tesla investor takes a big stake in a rival, and so much more in The Morning Shift for Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018.

1st Gear: The National Automobile Dealers Association Chairman Has a Lot to Say

Wes Lutz is the chairman of the NADA and the owner of a Michigan dealership himself, which means he knows car sales as well as anyone, so we should trust him when he says that interest rates on car loans are getting out of control. They now average nearly six percent, according to Bloomberg, and, Lutz says, leading buyers to buy cheaper used cars instead. Read More

2019 BMW i8: I Am a Big Dumb Idiot for Thinking It Needed More Power

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When stats for the 2019 BMW i8 coupe and its roadster counterpart came out last year, I was disappointed that BMW didn’t give this spaceship-like hybrid more power. This was its chance to finally make an all-powerful electrified halo supercar, I figured, and it missed the opportunity.

But now that I’ve finally driven it, I realize that I am a big, dumb idiot for believing so. The i8 is gorgeous and striking. It makes futuristic noises and the chassis is excellent. It doesn’t need more power. That’s not what it’s about. Read More

Whoever Buys Paul Newman's Championship Winning Datsun 280ZX Should Race It Immediately

Image: Motorcar Classics

How did it come to pass that Steve McQueen was bestowed the title of “King of Cool” when Paul Newman was infinitely more badass, arguably more talented on the race track, and unequivocally more talented on the silver screen? Besides, he had to be the baddest mother in the land to finesse this Bob Sharp Racing-prepared Datsun 280ZX around the track to win the SCCA C Production championship in 1979. Now is your chance to own that car. Read More

Lewis Hamilton Closes In On 2018 Formula One Championship With Ninth Win Of The Year

Image: AP Images

After picking up the pole position in this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, with Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas playing the ever reliable wing man on the outside of the front row, Lewis Hamilton got away at the start with the ease of a seasoned veteran. With ease, he quickly stretched out a length or two at the front. Hamilton’s only championship rival, Sebastian Vettel, had started down in eighth position, but launched up the field to fourth, thanks in part to Max Verstappen colliding with Kimi Raikkonen at the end of lap one. Read More

The Limit Recreates a Thrilling Formula One Championship Battle Between Two Unlikely Candidates

Photo: AP

Welcome to Formula One in the early 1960s. I bet you’re expecting free-wheeling danger-loving manly men competing for the World Championship, the Steve McQueen cool that everyone expects of drivers in the sport’s most dangerous era—especially from a team as prestigious as Ferrari. So, what if I told you that the battle for first came down to a neurotic skilled at worrying himself sick and a German count with a degree in agriculture? Read More

2019 Maserati Levante Trofeo: It Has A 590 HP Ferrari V8, As Should All SUVs

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What business does an SUV have with nearly 600 horsepower? It’s not my job to rationalize that, but it is to go and see what it’s like. Enter the 2019 Masterati Levante GTS and Trofeo, both packing a Ferrari V8, like all SUVs ought to have.

(Full Disclosure: Maserati wanted us to drive the 2019 Levante GTS and Trofeo so badly that it flew me out to Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week, fed me, put me up in a really nice hotel and then bought all of my Pebble Beach event passes.)
Read More

California Wants Automakers to Explain Why They Can't Meet Fuel Economy Standards

Image by AP/Gene J. Puskar

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California’s considering a counter-proposal to the Fed’s desire to freeze mpg standards, new autonomous car development guidelines are out, why Honda chose to work with GM instead of Google’s Waymo and more. This is The Morning Shift for Friday, Oct. 5, 2018. Read More

Formula One Can't Ban Team Orders, So It Should Ban Teams

Image: Formula One on Twitter

This morning’s Formula One race was not exactly a fun one to watch. With the largely uneventful racing pockmarked with the dissatisfaction of watching what could have been a decent fight to the finish dissolve into an intrateam communication battle. Words are what won Lewis Hamilton the Russian Grand Prix today, not an exciting on-track battle. If Hamilton had needed to fight hammer and tongs to get ahead of Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas, it would have been an awesome race. If the two of them had fought so hard that Sebastian Vettel could catch the pair and make it a three-way battle, all the better. Read More

Louisette Texier Survived the Armenian Genocide to Become a Pioneering Rally Driver 

Photo: Louisette Texier Archive

In 1915, Louisette Texier’s father was hanged by the Turks in the midst of a large-scale extermination of Armenians. Lost, afraid, with seemingly no options left to her, Texier’s mother placed both of her daughters in an orphanage in Istanbul. When she returned to reclaim her daughters, she found they’d been separated and evacuated. Louisette was sent to Marseille, never destined to see her family or homeland again. Read More

Valtteri Bottas Takes Pole Position at Sochi for a Mercedes Front Row Lockout

Photo: The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office (Wikimedia)

This isn’t a story we’ve heard very often this year: Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas has secured pole position to start the 2018 Russian Grand Prix at Sochi ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Sochi is a track full of good memories for the Finnish driver. It was there that he took his first ever F1 win last year. Now, he’s been able to nail pole by a mere tenth of a second, the Mercedes driver many of us wouldn’t have put our money on. Hamilton had been slower than his teammate during every outing on Q3, and a mistake in Turn 7 on his final flying lap cost him pole. Read More

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Packs a Turbo Inline-Six That’ll Make You Love Electricity

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Once upon a time, a Mercedes-Benz inline-six was the very model of smoothness and opulence and grace. It went away for some time, but now it’s finally back and boasts some impressive power and tech. Then the mad scientists at AMG got their hands on it. Meet the 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53, one of the more interesting AMG cars you can buy right now. Read More

Used Car Demand Is Shooting Up

Photo: Associated Press

The Morning ShiftAll your daily car news in one convenient place. Isn’t your time more important?   

People are buying used cars more and more, Android Auto is coming to Toyota, Porsche is done with diesel, and more. This is The Morning Shift for Monday.

1st Gear: A Lot of You Are Buying Used Cars

Your pay is probably going to go down next year, and 2018 remains a bad a year in the scheme of years, and yet there are always the cars. The cars are there to be had. They are there to be bought. Whatever car you want, if you have the money. Used? Sure, if you want. New? Sure, if you’re some kind of moneybags. Read More

The 2019 Subaru Forester Looks Tougher and Rides Better, but Is Desperate for Power

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It may not look too different, but the 2019 Subaru Forester is all-new, with better handling, reduced road noise, an impressive amount of standard features and an almost ironically-named new Sport trim that altogether almost make up for its desperately slow acceleration. But there’s still plenty on offer if you’re okay with not being a speed freak. Read More

Stadium Super Trucks, My Favorite Racing Series in the World, Has Been Banned in Australia

Photo: Carlos Osorio (AP)

It’s always a dark day when you hear that a quality racing series has been banned. In this very unfortunate case, it just so happens to be what I consider to be the purest of all racing series: Stadium Super Trucks. Please spare a thought for Robby Gordon & Co.

Essentially, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport just isn’t having it anymore. While also racing in the United States, Stadium Super Trucks is largely an Australian series, a popular support for Supercars since their introduction in 2015. But The Powers That Be have been taking a closer look at the sport and have decided, uh, this is probably too dangerous for us to keep endorsing. Read More

The Future of the World Endurance Championship Might Be Hydrogen-Powered

Photo: Jakob Ebrey (ELMS)

Despite the fact that electric vehicles are all the rage these days, the racing world is looking in new directions to find ways to make motorsport a more sustainable and eco-friendly. For the FIA’s World Endurance Championship, that means turning to hydrogen power.

Earlier on Saturday, the Green GT LMPH2G made its debut at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Basically, the brand-new experimental car cruised around the hilly circuit to demonstrate both its potential on track as well as how hydrogen pit-stops will work. Read More

The First Woman to Ever Compete in Le Mans Still Holds The Title of the Highest-Finishing Female Competitor

Photo: Getty

She appeared out of nowhere. France’s Odette Siko emerged from mystery in the late 1920s to get behind the wheel of an automobile and start taking to the track.

We don’t know much about Siko—not where or when she was born, not how she was educated, not even what her first car happened to be. Back then, if you weren’t a wealthy socialite with a well-documented existence who commanded plenty of interviews, you could exist pretty much under the radar. Odette Siko just happened to be one of those anonymous few. Read More

Moto2 Rider Who Grabbed Competitor's Brake Lever is Banned From Motorcycle Racing Until 2019

Photo: Peter Dejong (AP)

Romano Fenati has become something of a taboo name in the Moto2 paddock after he grabbed competitor Stefano Manzi’s brake lever in the thick of a race. His team dropped him, he was reported for attempted murder, and now, he’s been banned from racing until 2019.

According to a report released by the FIM, Fenati was summoned to their headquarters in Mies on September 18th. They basically demanded that he explain his “egregious and shocking” actions to the governing body, who, apparently, were not impressed: Read More

How to Do a Turbocharged Time Attack Miata on the Cheap

Build Of The WeekFeaturing the most fascinating projects out there: wild engine swaps, show cars, race cars, rare cars, and even meticulously well-preserved regular cars no one else has the guts to love. Send in your build via email to [Stef Schrader](mailto:stef.schrader@jalopnik.com) with “Build of the Week” in the subject line so we can find it.  

The best cars are the ones that get used. Driven. Hooned. Appreciated as the functional objects that they are. That’s why it’s impossible to look at Luis Millan’s well-loved turbo widebody 1990 Mazda Miata and not smile a little. This is how you do track cars right, and importantly, how to do it on a budget like a boss. Read More

The 2019 Cadillac XT4 Tries Really Hard to Be a Fun Car

Jalopnik ReviewsAll of our test drives in one convenient place.  

The 2019 Cadillac XT4 is late to the game. It is only Cadillac’s third crossover entry on Day 6,419 of the SUV/crossover onslaught and comes at a time when probably most of Cadillac’s competitors are far ahead in the Big Cars race. So it’s got some catching up to do. Fortunately, it’s a luxury crossover with an all-new engine and an all-new platform. And the XT4 is priced aggressively: Starting at $34,795, it’s cheaper than a comparable BMW, but a hair more expensive than a Mercedes or Volvo. Read More

Brad Keselowski Secures Team Penske's 500th Win in Las Vegas

Photo: Isaac Brekken (AP)

The answer to the question many of us race fans have been wondering has been answered. Who’s going to be the driver to secure Team Penske’s 500th win? Brad Keselowski responded to the call.

Keselowski has been on a roll. Despite dominating the last three races, the odds weren’t necessarily in his favor when rolling into the South Point 400, the first race of the playoffs at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. But he proved to be next to unstoppable as soon as the engines fired, despite the fact that it was a race of attrition for plenty of the playoff guys. And that’s even with Keselowski duking it out neck-and-neck with drivers like Joey Logano and Martin Truex Jr. Read More

I Never Want to See Another Gray, White, and Red Race Car Livery in My Life

Photo: Claude Paris (AP)

Race teams, I know it’s tempting. I know you think it looks sleek. I know you all want to introduce your own version of the Batmobile. But I’m asking—no, I’m begging—you. Please. Please stop with the gray, white, and red liveries.

They were cool, once, back when they were a brand new Thing and no one was doing it. It was pretty slick. Hey, look at this cool livery! Very edgy and cool, and it doesn’t even need a speck of black or a racing stripe to prove it! Read More

Lewis Hamilton Extends His Championship Lead at Singapore While Sergio Perez Becomes a Human Wrecking Ball

Photo: Vincent Thian (AP)

Lewis Hamilton drove home to a race win from pole position under the lights at Singapore, extending his championship lead over Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel even further.

Singapore is one of the races that always sounds like it’ll be a good time—and it’s definitely a fun race to watch, being one of the few night races on the calendar—but pole position is crucial at a track like this. Mercedes were more than happy to flex a little bit when Hamilton took pole position on Saturday ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. The first person into the first corner has the advantage. And when the lights went out, that person was Hamilton. Read More

Hailie Deegan Makes NASCAR K&N History By Being the First Woman to Score a Pole Position

It’s a good weekend to go out and carve out a little place in history. And that’s just what Hailie Deegan did when she laid down the quickest lap at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dirt Track ahead of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series Star Nursery 100 race.

The half-mile track was right up the well-nicknamed Dirt Princess’ alley. She absolutely crushed a lap at 21.329 seconds to secure her place in history as the first ever woman to start from pole. Prior to her, Dominique van Wieringen had held the record as the best starting woman in the series with three second-place starts. Read More

Why Ford Killed Its Cars

My colleagues, as well as much of the car enthusiast community, are dealing with a collective freakout upon learning Ford will be killing off all its sedans and hatchbacks and keeping one real car, the Mustang, in North America. Ford is doomed, they say. But I don’t share that perspective—no one wanted to buy those cars anyway, and this came down to just being a cold, hard business decision. Read More

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