The Significance of FedX & UPS Market Performance:

1) Fed-X Making abrupt changes in management–Air CEO Out [Dec 2018]

2) Threat from Amazon will drive down stock value of FedX

3) Amazon Air to take 2% of FedX-UPS revenue in 2019

4) Need to cut costs & change logistics delivery model by Fedx, UPS ASAP. Read More

U.S, Made Sedans Appear to be Dead & SUV’s Are a Growing Challenge for Industry, Traffic, and Environment

The Situation: Fewer U.S. Car Buyers are selecting U.S. Sedans & Opting for SUVs

The Significance: Car Buyers are buying Japanese & Korean made sedans

The Solution: OEMs need massive initiative to educate buyers not sell them with ads, deals, and sales tactics

Find out how & why U.S, Sedan are Not Selling at the same rate as Japanese & Korean makes
_________________________________________________________________________ Read More

2018 Jeep Wrangler scores 1 star in European crash tests

The Jeep Wrangler got a full redesign for the 2018 model year, and this Euro NCAP test we have here is the first official independent safety testing we’ve seen for the new model. Historically, the Wrangler has performed poorly in crash tests. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the previous generation a three-star rating. Euro NCAP testing puts a lot more weight on driver assistance systems in its testing, an area where the new Wrangler is somewhat lacking. It lost points for not having things like automatic emergency braking and lane-keep assist — the Wrangler doesn’t offer either of those things in Europe, even as an option. However, the 2019 model year Wrangler does (2018 does not) offer active braking for the U.S., a $795 package gives your Wrangler the ability to brake itself to a full stop if it senses the risk of a collision. This package includes adaptive cruise control, too, but lane-keep assist is not available. Read More

Rivian To Launch Rally-Like Car With “Bananas” Level Performance

Rivian wowed the world in LA when it debuted not one, but two groundbreaking electric vehicles. Now, it seems, Rivian is already discussing its third pure electric offering.

More From Rivian

According to Rivian, the R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV will be joined by a third offering. This vehicle fits the mold of a rally-like performance car.

Quoting Autocar:

Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe said that the model to follow its initial R1T pick-up truck and R1S SUV would be “bananas” in the way it performed. Read More

Chevy Volt and Bolt Estimates: Sales Skyrocket In November

Because General Motors now withholds monthly sales reports in favor of a Tesla-like quarterly reporting system, the following InsideEVs Chevy Bolt EV and Chevy Volt sales numbers are estimates.

We consider this information important to our readers and have decided to provide the best estimates we can. Our numbers are primarily based upon daily inventory tracking, as well as accounts from buyers, dealers and other sources. At the end of each quarter we revisit our estimates once we receive final quarterly numbers from General Motors. Any updates to sales numbers will be made at that time. Read More

White House Seeks To End EV Federal Tax Credit

Can’t say we’re surprised by this.

After last week’s announcement by General Motors that they would be closing 5 plants and discontinuing some of their cars including the Chevy Volt, President Trump went to Twitter to respond to the news. His response was both expected, but also a little puzzling, as his message didn’t appear to really make sense. Read More

On the Road to Autonomy:Webinar and Virtual Workshop:

Join this Must SEE & HEAR Free Webinar on Wednesday, December 12th, at 1:00 pm EST

See just how far we’ve traveled on the road to autonomy and to test the following predictions for our autonomous future.

Prediction #1 – Future applications (especially autonomous ground vehicles) will require precise positioning at the cm level Read More

Ford could cut 25,000 jobs in corporate overhaul: analyst

Ford Motor’s US$11-billion restructuring could cost 25,000 employees their jobs, exceeding the cutbacks General Motors announced last week, according to analysts at investment bank Morgan Stanley.

Ford has yet to detail its job cuts, but Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas predicts they could be larger than GM’s in a note to investors.

“We estimate a large portion of Ford’s restructuring actions will be focused on Ford Europe, a business we currently value at negative [US]$7 billion,” Jonas wrote. Read More

Trade War Watch: Trump Says China Will Remove Car Tariffs, China Claims Nothing

Last night President Donald Trump tweeted that China had agreed to reduce tariffs. While The People’s Republic already lowered tariffs over the summer, it chose to cut the United States out of that deal as trade relations worsened. In fact, America found itself subject to an increased, 40-percent fine on imported autos while the rest of the world saw their tariffs eased. But the president seems optimistic. Read More

RIP Chevy Volt: USA’s Best-Selling Electric Car Of All Time

Chevrolet Volt production will come to an official end in March 2019. And we’re all a bit saddened by the loss of this #1 selling plug-in electric car of all time in the U.S. Not even the Tesla Model 3 can claim a higher cumulative tally of sales.

Chevrolet Volt was the first volume plug-in hybrid on the market. We were highly excited when the Volt and Nissan LEAF came out in December 2010. Most of us were eager to get sales results on the 1st or 2nd of each month and, back then, all we had to really compare was the Volt with the LEAF. Many disputes were waged back in those days as to whether the Volt was all-electric, or plug-in hybrid/series-hybrid. But none of that mattered. The Volt was hot and the undisputed tech leader in the EV space. Read More

Cargobikes Not Drones Are The Future For Urban Deliveries

The Situation:

Every day and every hour, a gas powered delivery vans lumber down the streets of the U.S. commercial and residential areas to deliver packages to an office or home

The Significance:

Operating costs for the logistics company are high; The trucks are noisy, Traffic is impeded, expanded, or encumbered by the addition of a large truck.
The cost, the logistics and process is inefficient, expensive, and not eco-friendly. Read More

GM kills the Chevy Volt, shuts down factories, and accelerates EV investment

GM announced today a major restructuring that will involve “doubling” the company’s investment in electric and self-driving cars, but they will pay for it by shutting down factories and laying off thousands of workers.

The company has also confirmed that the Chevy Volt will be discontinued.

Similar to what Ford did earlier this year, GM says that it is moving away from sedans and it is instead focusing on “trucks, crossovers and SUVs.” Read More

Tesla, GM, Nissan band together to extend electric-car tax credits

Image from 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric-car ad by Ourisman Chevrolet, Rockville, Maryland

As tax credits for buyers of America’s two most popular electric-car brands begin to sunset, automakers and advocates are banding together to restructure the tax-credit program and extend them.

Tesla, General Motors, and Nissanthe top three sellers of electric cars in the U.S.have banded together with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and the conservative Christian Coalition to form the EV Drive Coalition to advocate for the restructuring of the plug-in electric vehicle tax credit and extension of the credit limits.  Read More

BMW Brings the Electric HEAT

During a recent visit to BMW’s normally top-secret electric powertrain development center in Munich, we had the chance to take a closer look at the company’s next-generation e-power unit, known internally as the HEAT. It didn’t look particularly radical or exciting, yet this family of modular powertrain units will be at the heart of the company’s dramatic expansion plans for electrification throughout the models spun from its forthcoming fifth-generation architecture. Read More

Ford’s pickup trucks alone would be more profitable than McDonald’s or 3M, Morgan Stanley says

If Ford Motor Co.’s F-Series pickup franchise were one company, it would rake in more profit than giants such as McDonald’s Corp. MCD, -0.15% 3M Co. MMM, +0.01% and United Technologies Corp. UTX, +0.16% analysts at Morgan Stanley said in a note Wednesday.

The “exercise,” as the analysts called it, serves to show how the market underestimates Ford’s pickup business, they said. Read More

BMW’s Magna solid-state lidar deal paves the way to autonomy

Many automakers believe that lidar, light-based mapping, is the key to vehicle autonomy. However, lidar is still pretty darn expensive, which makes mass-market adoption difficult. A new kind of lidar could change that, and BMW is ready to adopt it.

Magna and Innoviz Technologies announced today that the two companies will provide BMW with solid-state lidar technology for its future autonomous vehicles. Magna is a global automotive supplier, while Innoviz specializes in building lidar systems. Its new product, the InnovizOne, will be what ends up in BMW’s vehicles. Read More

Why Ford Killed Its Cars

My colleagues, as well as much of the car enthusiast community, are dealing with a collective freakout upon learning Ford will be killing off all its sedans and hatchbacks and keeping one real car, the Mustang, in North America. Ford is doomed, they say. But I don’t share that perspective—no one wanted to buy those cars anyway, and this came down to just being a cold, hard business decision. Read More

Amazon starts delivering to your car trunk, wherever it’s parked

SAN FRANCISCO — I gave Amazon the keys to my car last week and it went pretty well.

Not that Amazon needed a lift (and the actual key was a digital one.) I was testing a new program, launching Tuesday, that lets Amazon drivers unlock a customer’s vehicle via an app and leave their packages inside it, rather than on their doorstep. Think of it as Amazon turning your car into a locker, only you get to decide where the locker is located — and you can move it around. Read More

The Worst Thing About Tesla’s 123,000-Car Recall? Crummy Timing

THURSDAY EVENING, TENS of thousands of Tesla Model S owners got an email warning them that the power steering on their electric cars might fail. Bolts that hold the system together have been corroding and weakening, particularly when exposed to harsh winter road conditions.

“We have observed excessive corrosion in the power steering bolts, though only in very cold climates, particularly those that frequently use calcium or magnesium road salts, rather than sodium chloride (table salt),” the email read. “Nonetheless, Tesla plans to replace all early Model S power steering bolts in all climates worldwide to account for the possibility that the vehicle may later be used in a highly corrosive environment.” Read More

The new Toyota Corolla will have Apple CarPlay and Amazon’s Alexa

Still no word on Android Auto, though.

The 2019 Toyota Corolla is making its global debut at the New York International Auto Show this week, and it has a few surprises hidden inside its tiny hatchback — most notably Apple’s CarPlay and Amazon’s Alexa.

Toyota first added CarPlay earlier this year in the 2019 Avalon. It was a shift for the Japanese automaker, which famously abstained from adopting either CarPlay or Android Auto in its cars for years. Up until 2015, Toyota was on record as preferring its own in-house proprietary operating system, and even when Toyota eventually switched to another company’s system in 2016, it was to adopt Ford’s SmartDeviceLink app platform, not Apple or Google’s software. Read More

Tesla (TSLA) investors approve Elon Musk’s new multi-billion compensation package

Without any surprise, Tesla confirmed today that shareholders have approved Elon Musk’s new multi-billion CEO compensation package recently proposed by the company’s board.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed that the proposal went through at a special meeting of shareholders in Fremont today.

Large investors had already backed the initiative – making today’s meeting almost a formality. Read More

Ford recalls 1.3 million Fusions, MKZs: Steering wheels could come off

When driving a car, the steering wheel is only expected to move in a rotational fashion, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. When it moves in some other direction, something is wrong, and when it moves the wrong way enough that it is no longer attached to the steering column, that’s a really, really bad thing. And apparently, according to a recall issued by Ford, there are over 1.3 million Ford Fusions and Lincoln MKZs that are at risk of this happening. And at least two accidents and one injury have been attributed to the issue. Read More

The American Sedan Is Dying. Long Live the SUV

With lucrative sport utility vehicle and truck sales on the ascent, Detroit automakers are racing to ditch slow-selling cars in favor of the big rigs that mint them money.

Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne started it off by killing the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 to reorient Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV around Jeep SUVs and Ram pickups. The profit boom that’s followed has emboldened Detroit’s other CEOs to consider snuffing out sedans such as the Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Impala. Read More

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