Tesla Model 3 Winter Tire Test With Rear-Wheel Drive

Who better than this “Canuck” to show us how the Tesla Model 3 handles heavy snow with winter tires? YouTuber Tesla Canuck had no idea he’d be filming, so he lets us know right away that he doesn’t have his proper equipment and is using his phone for video. This is because he set out in his Model 3 and a snow storm raced in. As you can see from the video, it’s coming down quite hard and there is already some four to five inches on the roadway. Nonetheless, he can’t seem to get the car to lose control. Read More

VIDEO: We take you on a walkaround of the new BMW X5

At the moment, the new BMW X5 is the hottest Bavarian on the market (well, the Audi Q8 is also Bavarian and it’s pretty popular, too). It’s the fourth generation in the X5’s history and it looks better than ever before. Not only does it look better than ever, its interior is far superior to any of its predecessors. It seems to be a superb all around package. In this new video, our own Horatiu takes us on a walkaround of the new X5, shows us its new design, its new interior and its new technology. Read More

Watch This Guy Ride His Dirt Bike Across Lake Como

We’ve seen motorcyclists do some crazy things, but this has got to be one of the most ambitious. Last year, rider Luca Colombo rode his Suzuki 450 clear across the top of Lake Como, setting the world record for a freshwater distance cross on a motorcycle, which is apparently a category of record that needed to be set. This is the first time we’ve seen the video, and thought it’d be a great thing to share. Read More

Preview: New Netflix car show pits home built muscle against top supercars

What does it take to build a car in your garage that can beat the best modern supercars? A new Netlfix series called Fastest Car aims to show viewers the hard work necessary to topple an automotive giant with a homebuilt machine. It premieres on April 6.

According to Netflix’s description, each hour-long episode will feature three tuned vehicles taking on a supercar. The trailer for the series (above) mostly shows the cars drag racing against each other, but it at least hints that some of the challenges might take place on a racing circuit, too. Read More

Tesla Model 3 review: the fast and infuriating

I was standing next to the Model 3 when a guy on a bike rode by and yelled, “How is it?” My typical interactions with people who ask about Tesla’s affordable sedan (so many people ask me about the car) typically take about five minutes. I point out the highlights and issues I’ve encountered while driving. Without thinking, I threw him a thumbs up. It was a gut reaction to a car I’ve come to adore but have also been confused by. I should have yelled, “It’s complicated! Read More

Reviewed: The 2018 Ford Mustang

It used to be a pony car that was laughed at in places with turns. These days, however, the Ford Mustang is a real-deal sports car that competes with the best the world has to offer. The Blue Oval brand has updated its mean machine for the new model year, and the 2018 Ford Mustang is packing a bit more heat and some fancy new tech behind the steering wheel. Read More

The Le Mans-Winning Chevrolets: Corvette C1 Coupe and C6.R

For the first Made to Drive installment in 2018, we got back together with our good friend and all-around good guy Bruce Meyer and a pair of American heroes from his impressive collection. We met up with him and his ‘Vettes at Thermal Club for some track time in these iconic endurance racers—specifically, the Briggs-Cunningham-prepared C1 that brought the Corvette name to Le Mans for the first time in 1960, along with the indomitable force of red-blooded horsepower that won its class in 2009, known simply as the C6.R. Read More

1990 Volkswagen Mk2 GTI: The People’s Sports Car

There are few cars that reach the status of “legendary” without some kind of claim on an extreme—performance, looks, whatever it may be. The majority of the world’s most revered and coveted automobiles are viewed as such because of their capabilities, their striking aesthetics, or the marriage of the two. Whether it set a new performance benchmark, was the first to incorporate or perfect a new technological feat, or its design redefined what it meant to be radical or beautiful, the list of legends is mostly populated by unobtainable machines. But not entirely so. Read More

Porsche 911 Carrera T: Unfiltered Passion

Rather than a portrait of a single car, our film this week spans multiple continents and decades as we explore the legacy and evolution of the Porsche 911T. There is a clear evolution that’s taken place between the stripped-down sports car’s inception in 1968 and the latest twin-turbocharged 911 to wear the badge, but their shared philosophy is a timeless one, and the cars both stand distinctly among their respective 911 families for reasons that haven’t changed over the march of time in between. Read More

Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage

Join us this week for a special film as we follow along with Marino Franchitti for a track session in Nick Mason’s 1959 Maserati Tipo 61 “Birdcage.” Delicate and purposeful in single swooping package, this is the car that defines what it means to be ethereal, and it is the best looking bit of motorsport engineering to be housed in a web of chromoly steel. Read More

1991 Acura NSX: The Multi-Tool Supercar

In this week’s film, we sit shotgun with Sean Lee for a drive around Los Angeles and its famed canyon roads in his first-generation 1991 Acura NSX. Tastefully modified with period-correct parts, this lithe streak of silver is an evolution of the stock car that was already a fantastic blend of sport and practicality, and though it isn’t factory-original, it has respectfully followed the trajectory, embodying the idea of “OEM plus.” It is, in a sense, more of an NSX than it was before; Sean has built upon the car, honing and enhancing this Honda (sorry, “Acura”) without coming at the cost of the car’s original identity. Read More

Mazda Live Reveal in LAAS

In front of the 2017 or 2018 Mazda CX-5, MotoMan catches up with old friend of the show, car guy extraordinaire and Mazda engineer, Dave Coleman.

Redline’s First Look:

With more muscle under the hood in the form of a 2.5 turbo engine from the 3-row CX-9, the 2018 Mazda6 looks to challenge new rivals from Honda and Toyota. A redone interior with more features and premium materials further bring the latest Mazda6 into a premium class. It should put up a good fight against the latest Accord and Camry. Read More

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