Ride Shotgun In The McLaren 720S For A Lap Of The Nurburgring

Buckle up and hold on tight as we embark on an exhilarating lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the McLaren 720S. As we enter the track, the anticipation builds, and the roar of the 720S’s twin-turbocharged V8 engine fills the air.

Start Line: We line up at the start line, surrounded by the iconic greenery of the Eifel region. The track stretches out before us, 20.8 kilometers of twists, turns, and elevation changes awaiting our conquest.

Turn 1 – Hatzenbach: We accelerate out of the start line, navigating through the Hatzenbach section with precision and control. The 720S’s responsive steering and agile handling allow us to tackle the tight corners with ease, maintaining optimal speed through the winding bends.

Flugplatz: As we approach Flugplatz, the track opens up, and the 720S unleashes its full power. The acceleration is relentless as we surge forward, reaching exhilarating speeds along the straightaway.

Schnellbach: Entering the Schnellbach section, we encounter a series of challenging corners that demand our full attention. The 720S hugs the road with confidence, its aerodynamic design and advanced suspension ensuring stability and grip through every twist and turn.

Carousel: As we approach the iconic Carousel, anticipation builds for one of the Nürburgring’s most famous corners. The 720S dives into the steeply banked turn with precision, the roar of the engine echoing off the concrete walls as we navigate the descent.

Brünnchen: Navigating through Brünnchen, we encounter a series of technical corners that require precise throttle control and braking. The 720S responds flawlessly to every input, dancing through the corners with grace and agility.

Pflanzgarten: As we approach Pflanzgarten, the track becomes undulating, with blind crests and challenging elevation changes. The 720S remains composed, its adaptive suspension and carbon fiber chassis providing confidence-inspiring stability over the challenging terrain.

Final Stretch: As we near the end of the lap, we unleash the full power of the 720S, hurtling towards the finish line with adrenaline-fueled intensity. The combination of the McLaren’s lightweight construction, aerodynamic design, and powerful engine delivers an exhilarating finale to our lap of the Nürburgring.

Finish Line: Crossing the finish line, we reflect on the incredible performance of the McLaren 720S and the unforgettable experience of tackling the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. As we exit the track, the adrenaline continues to pulse through our veins, leaving us with memories that will last a lifetime.

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