Porsche already has a prototype that will charge faster than its 350-kw Taycan

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FastCharge 450-kilowatt charging station prototype

The Porsche Taycan, when it arrives toward the end of 2019, will likely have the quickest, highest-power DC fast charging of any production vehicle.

But Porsche apparently is already setting its sights higher. Yesterday, as part of a research consortium that includes BMW, it presented a prototype for using CCS-standard charging hardware at up to 450 kw at 800 volts, which can also operate at 400 volts for cars that don’t have 800-volt systems. Porsche says that the new hardware promises charging rates three to nine times faster than what’s currently available. Read More

Green Deals: ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat $132 (Reg. $169), more

Amazon offers the ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat for $132.05 shipped when the on-page coupon is clipped. Regularly $169, today’s deal is $7 less than our Black Friday mention and the best price available. ecobee3 lite offers a slimmed down version of the more feature-laden ecobee4 (which is also on sale for $189). That said, it still delivers HomeKit control, automatic scheduling and more. It also works with popular services like Alexa, Assistant and SmartThings. Rated 4.2/5 stars. Read More

Toyota Prius AWD-e drive, Hyundai fuel cells, CO2 fines, Audi cameras: Today's Car News

2019 Audi e-tron first drive – Abu Dhabi UAE, December 2018

We have a first chance to drive the new all-wheel-drive Prius AWD-e. Hyundai plans to build more fuel cells, but not necessarily for cars. Automakers face big fines for missing tight emissions targets for carbon dioxide in Europe. And our first experience driving with side-camera “mirrors” on real roads gives us pause. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Read More

2019 Audi e-tron side-camera system: Is the U.S. missing out?

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2019 Audi e-tron first drive – Abu Dhabi UAE, December 2018

Side-camera systems, replacing side mirrors, have been one of the de rigueur symbols of the future on auto-show concept cars for, well, pretty much this entire century so far.

While we’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of such systems for nearly as long—they’re not allowed by U.S. FMVSS standards, though now permitted in other world regions—some recent time with the system during our 2019 Audi e-tron first drive report was eye-opening. Read More

Hyundai plans to take hydrogen fuel-cell systems beyond vehicles

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Hyundai Mobis fuel cell announcement

Hyundai sees a lot of potential in hydrogen fuel-cell technology. And it may find success with it by looking well past cars and SUVs—to other uses that could, as the company puts it, “transcend the transportation sector.”

With this week’s opening of a second plant making fuel-cell systems, in Chungju, South Korea, Hyundai’s Mobis unit will increase its annual production of fuel-cell systems from its current 3,000 annual units to 40,000 units by 2022. Read More

Automakers face big fines in Europe for missing CO2 targets

Smokestacks pollution air quality

As global leaders meet in Poland to hammer out details about how to meet Paris Climate Accord targets, a new study shows that European automakers aren’t introducing electric cars nearly fast enough to meet European standards—and the delay could cost them.

The European Union has set the strictest limits on carbon-dioxide emissions from cars anywhere on the planet: 95 grams of CO2 per 100 kilometers, which would require cars there to average the equivalent to about 57 miles per U.S. gallon. Read More

Google teams up with Lime to put more people on electric scooters and bikes

Google is no stranger to Lime or its popular electric scooters and bikes. The company already invested in Lime’s last $335 million investment round this summer.

But now Google is going even further to help put riders on Lime’s micro-mobility vehicles. Starting today, Google Maps will feature Lime’s electric scooters, e-bikes and pedal bikes as a transportation option in its transit tab. Read More

2019 Toyota Prius AWD-e: First drive of 50-mpg all-weather hybrid


Between the unexpectedly wild styling, the very wide model range, the Prius Prime plug-in, and now the all-wheel-drive 2019 Prius AWD-e, it seems that Toyota has opted for a mix-and-match philosophy for the current fourth generation of America’s favorite fuel-sipper.

The big news for 2019—and perhaps the biggest hope of all these tactics for slowing the Prius’ prolonged sales slide—is the addition of an all-wheel drive system, a feature that customers in cold-weather markets had sought. And it’s a feature we recently were able to test on snowy roads in Wisconsin. Read More

Green Deals: 6-pack Edison-style LED Light Bulbs $12 (Reg. $20), more

Winsee (100% positive feedback) via Amazon offers a six-pack of Shine Hai Edison-style LED E26 Light Bulbs for $12 shipped when promo code PW4RUBPR is applied during checkout. That’s good for 40% off the regular going rate and the best offer that we can currently find. Aside from all of the usual LED benefits (long lifespans, lower energy use), these bulbs have an Edison-style design that are great for vintage homes. Each one is backed by a two-year warranty. Rated 4.2/5 stars. Read More

Affordable Audi electric, Ford police hybrids, Tesla refunds: Today's Car News

2019 Ford Ranger

Audi will build an upscale car on VW’s affordable electric-car platform. Ford is taking orders from police departments for its more efficient hybrid police cruisers. Tesla will refund the full amount if it doesn’t deliver cars in time for the full federal tax credit. And how do our readers see the future of the Chevy Volt’s plug-in hybrid tech? All this and more on Green Car Reports. Read More

Tesla to offer full refunds to buyers who miss tax credit cutoff

2017 Tesla Model 3, 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

As we’ve covered here before, Tesla buyers are facing the expiration of the full federal plug-in vehicle tax credit that the cars are currently eligible for through Dec. 31.

Twice, Tesla has set deadlines for buyers to order their cars if they want to receive the full credit. Now Tesla is offering a carrot alongside the IRS’s stick. Read More

Formula E’s new race season starts this weekend, with much-improved Gen 2 car

Electric cars have been finding their way into racing success the last few years, and the biggest game in town is Formula E, the FIA’s all-electric open-wheel racing series.  The series’ 5th season starts this weekend with the Ad Diriyah ePrix in Saudi Arabia.

The new season brings new tracks, new teams, new drivers, new rules, and most importantly: a new car which is capable of much more than last season’s. Read More

Ford hybrid police cars are pursuit-rated, ready for NYPD action

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2018 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan pursuit-rated police car

Ford is in the process of applying hybrid technology to a vehicle type that seems like a natural fit for it: police cars.

It’s about time. Ford claims to have the industry’s first pursuit-related hybrid police car with the Responder that will soon be delivered to departments around the nation, including to the New York Police Department. Read More

Green Deals: 2-pack LED Solar Outdoor Lights $21 (Reg. up to $30), more

Neon Mart (99% positive feedback) via Amazon offers a two-pack of LE 44 LED Outdoor Solar Lights for $21.27 shipped when promo code 5YLIXSEM is applied during checkout. That’s good for $6 off the regular going rate and the best price that we can find. These simple LED lights are perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces. Equipped with 44 LEDs and best of all, no batteries to fool around with. These solar LED lights are generally well-rated at Amazon.  more… Read More

The future of electric scooter sharing companies – 4 scenarios 4 years from now

Electric scooter sharing may feel like a fairly new fad, especially if your city was only recently invaded by the convenient little EVs. But believe it or not, it’s been over a year since Santa Monica-based Bird first launched its rentable electric scooters in the US and started the e-scooter craze. While Bird might have seemed original at the time, there have since been over a dozen other companies that have attempted to join the nascent electric scooter sharing industry. Read More

Tesla Autopilot, Hyundai Nexo pricing, Rivian No. 3: Today's Car News

2019 Hyundai Nexo, Topanga Canyon, CA, Oct 2018

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company’s Autopilot system will allow Tesla owners to commute with no driver input “soon.” Speaking of Autopilot, our Twitter poll asks readers how often they use Tesla’s new on-ramp to off-ramp Navigate on Autopilot system. Pricing is out for the Hyundai Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell car. And Rivian says it intends to develop an off-road rally car. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Read More

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