How About Those New Rules For “Quiet” Cars?


The auto industry has been working for decades to make cars quieter, and now it seems it has succeeded a bit too well. Silent operation is one of the features that many drivers love about electric vehicles, but it poses a real danger to blind (or simply inattentive) pedestrians.

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Trump’s Deregulation Might Mean EVs Won’t Need Pedestrian Safety Sounds

Tesla’s next-gen Roadster prototype gets showcased in Jay Leno’s Garage: new pictures and video

If you are like me, you can’t wait to get a closer look at Tesla’s next-generation Roadster, but as we learned last week, it appears not to be a priority for Tesla as they focus on the base Model 3 and Model Y.

Nonetheless, the automaker still decided to showcase the prototype in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage – giving us new pictures and videos of the upcoming electric supercar. more… Read More

BYD to Deliver First Electric Buses to Montreal and Longueuil

BYD received another order for electric buses in Canada as the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) signed up for the electrification.

The first steps in Longueuil and Montreal are small as RTL will receive five 30-foot buses, while STM will receive an order of four of the same model. But we can assume that there will be much larger projects in a few years when agencies become more familiar with EVs.

BYD K7 electric bus

“These buses will make an immediate improvement to air quality and noise levels in both cities. These buses alone will deliver a reduction in carbon emissions of more than 600 metric tonnes each year. This will mean a total reduction of 7200 tonnes over the operating life of the vehicles.” Read More

EVgo To Develop A Statewide Charging Network In Virginia

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) selected EVgo to grant a contract to develop a statewide public fast-charging network.

Virginia decided to use $14 million in funds from its share of the Volkswagen mitigation settlement (a maximum of 15% out of $93.6 million from the settlement can be spent on charging infrastructure).

The press release doesn’t say how many charging stations are to be built, but it should be enough to noticeably improve the situation there. Read More

Electrek Review: The Boosted Stealth electric skateboard is still the leader of the pack

Electric skateboarding has been growing in popularity over the last few years as more people discover its benefits. From pleasure riding to actual commuting, electric skateboards and longboards are coming into their own as legitimate forms of personal electric transportation.

Boosted, a leader in the electric skateboard industry, recently released a new line of electric shortboards and longboards. Their flagship longboard is known as the Boosted Stealth, and I’ve been riding it around for the last few weeks. Here’s the skinny. more… Read More

Watch Mercedes-Benz EQC 2019 Conduct Final Heat Testing

Europe’s driest region is not a problem for the Mercedes-Benz EQC

Weeks ahead of the EQC premier, Mercedes-Benz feeds us with another teaser – one of the better ones put forth by M-B of late.

This time we see pre-production prototypes tested during the summer in the Tabernas desert in Andalusia, Spain.

The location isn’t random, as it’s Europe’s driest region, which seems fitting enough to conduct final heat testing. Read More

Tesla Model 3 Production Hits 70,000, With Registered VINs Near 100,000

In just one year and two weeks, Tesla manufactured 70,000 Model 3

According to Bloomberg, cumulative production of Tesla Model 3, estimated through its VIN-tracking algorithm, is now above 70,000. That’s almost 10,000 more than it stood at 13 days ago.

The Tesla Model 3 Tracker indicates (as of August 18) 70,009 units produced and a production rate of 5,321 weekly, which is slightly less than previously, but still expected to go north to 6,000 or so later this month. Read More

Is Model 3 Affecting Used Tesla Sales?

The Tesla used car market may not be as affected by the entry-level battery-powered vehicle

U.S car sales have recovered from their recession-crisis levels. The economy is continuing to improve, but that hasn’t affected the car market that much. The U.S. SAAR (Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate) has hovered at around 17 million units for several years now. Even though a worry about “peak auto” subsided over the last few years, the stagnation in the market has kept the things at a steady pace throughout 2017 and 2018. However, for Tesla, the situation couldn’t be better in that regard. Read More

Jeep Wrangler PHEV Production Inches Forward With New Announcement

FCA selected a plant for key components for Jeep Wrangler PHEV

The upcoming Jeep Wrangler PHEV, which will be the first plug-in hybrid Jeep when it goes on sale in 2020, will be produced at the Toledo Assembly Complex.

FCA recently announced that a key component – the power electronic module for the Wrangler PHEV – will be produced in-house in its 54-year-old Toledo Machining Plant inPerrysburg, Ohio. Read More

Beijing Leads China In Promoting Battery Electric Vehicles

Beijing is one of the most EV rich places in the world with 188,000 all-electric vehicles, which is 11.6% of all electric cars registered in China.

The Chinese capital increased the number of BEVs this year by 17,000. Around 140,000 out of a total of 188,000 were purchased by individuals and companies, while the remaining 48,000 were used in the public sphere.

All those vehicles can use roughly 130,000 charging points – 93,000 privately installed for home use, 20,000 accessible to the general public, and 17,000 installed for the public transport system. Read More

Audi E-Tron Quattro Caught Testing in New Jersey

Montclair, New Jersey? Who would have thought it would be a hotspot to see pre-launch EVs testing public charging stations?

InsideEVs has seemed to identify one of the most-frequented charging station locations to catch prototype EVs charging during their validation period before launch.

More Electric SUV-ish News

Here’s How Far The Jaguar I-Pace Can Go On Single Charge

Opinion: Tesla's CEO needs help, but will he take it?

‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ premiere: Elon Musk arrives in a Tesla Roadster

Just as Tesla is beginning to straighten out manufacturing problems with its Model 3, the executive suite seems in the midst of a nuclear meltdown.

In a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times on Thursday, CEO Elon Musk admitted to being spread thin, having the most difficult and painful year in his career, and to hastily dashing off a market-moving tweet in his car on the way to the airport. Read More

Green Deals: 4-pack Etekcity Wi-Fi Smart Plugs $33.50, more

Etekcity (99% positive feedback from 221,000) via Amazon offers a four-pack of its Voltson Wi-Fi Smart Plugs for $33.69 shipped when promo code SV3WH9WY is applied during checkout. Regularly selling for around $40, today’s deal is a match of our previous mention and the best available. This is a great way to easily control outlets and make schedules for lights and more in your home. Rated 3.9/5 stars by over 1,300 Amazon customers. Read More

Nissan LEAF Outsells Pulsar ICE In UK By 2 To 1

LEAF crushed the Pulsar, its closest ICE counterpart within the Nissan brand in the UK.

Extracting plug-in car sales results for the British market is not easy, but finally we got some insights on the second-generation Nissan LEAF.

LEAF noted roughly 4,100 sales in the first seven months of 2018, which is almost half of total 8,322 all-electric car sales for the period in the UK. Not bad taking into consideration that LEAF deliveries began in volume in March. Read More

California Edition Rimac C_Two Debuts In Los Angeles

California Edition Rimac C_Two features an interesting paint finish and some luxury treats

Earlier this March, the Rimac C_Two saw its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. Today, the vehicle finally arrived on U.S soil, making an appearance in the Golden State. Just a week prior to the automotive festival that is the Monterey Car Week, the company showcased a special California Edition Rimac C_Two at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. Read More

Plug-In Hybrid BMW X3 Expected To Launch Next Year

The new BMW X3 will get a PHEV version shared with the new 3-Series

BMW moves forward with its intention to introduce in 2019 a new generation of 3-Series, which will get a significant upgrade in the plug-in hybrid version.

Rumors are that the 3-Series PHEV will be equipped with a powertrain rated at roughly 275hp and 400 Nm. The all-electric range will increase to at least 30 miles (48 km) under the new WLTP test cycle. We believe it could be more than 25 miles (40 km) on the EPA cycle. Read More

Tesla Model 3 Performance Test Drive Review

Check out this candid, personal account of a recent test drive in the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

The day finally arrived. Today, 16-AUG-18, 6pm at Aventura Mall, Florida. I had the pleasure to drive the future. Not that I haven’t already driven the Model S and X before, but the Model 3 Performance is beyond any expectation.

More Tesla Model 3 Performance Reviews:

WSJ Offers Up World’s First Review Of Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla Model S, 3, X And Semi Unite In New Photo

Isn’t it a S3X(-y) Semi-Family?

Tesla just released a photo with four of its electric vehicles – three production cars (Model 3, Model S and Model X) and the upcoming Semi truck.

Well, the family is missing grandpa Roadster, and the new Roadster – although the new Roadster likes to hide in the trucks (remember the unveiling event?) so maybe it’s on the scene… we just don’t see it. Read More

Rimac Teases California Edition Of C_Two

California will get its own edition of the Rimac C_Two

Rimac Automobili returns to Monterey with its latest C-Two all-electric hypercar, but not exactly the same one as shown in Geneva.

The teased new car is a special California edition. We doubt there will be any or major changes to the powertrain (this beast already has 1,408 kW of power, so it doesn’t need an upgrade ahead of market launch). Read More

Tesla Model 3 Staging Sites Now Empty, Previously Had 1,000s Of Cars

Remember when a sea of Tesla Model 3 sedans was spotted in a vacant office parking lot in Fremont?

At the end of June, one of our contributors stumbled upon a parking lot (48401 Fremont Blvd.about three miles from the Tesla production facility in Fremont. It appeared to be home to some 1,000 available parking spaces and a substantial number of completed Model 3 vehicles. We surely remember the article, as it ended up causing much stir in comments over the actual number of vehicles, but that really makes no difference in the end … especially now. Read More

Commentary: Electric-car and fuel-cell advocates should agree…to agree

2018 Toyota Mirai

Here at Green Car Reports we hear—even attract—a lot of controversy when we report on fuel-cell vehicles.

Many our readers argue vociferously that the only green cars run on batteries alone—no, thank you, to range-extending gas engines, either.

Others seem to hold out for the hydrogen economy, with cars that can go more than 300 miles on a five-minute fill-up and use purely renewable energy from water—however far off that future might be. Read More

Tesla Reportedly Sues Ontario Government For Tax Credit Discrimination

The tax credit cut seems more and more like a nearsighted move

For the Ontario government, the term “ambivalent” is best used if we’re to describe their EV incentives policy. After the new Ontario government took office, there was little doubt that they are going to end the cap-and-trade program. After all, it was part of their political campaign goals. The program basically allowed users to trade-in their cars for an up to $14,000 CAD rebate on their new plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. The EV incentives program was supported from the 10-cent per liter tax fuel tax, which has now gone away. Read More 2018 Chevy Bolt EV Best Car For New Parents

In fact, two cars with plug-in options take the #1 and #2 slots. recently rated their picks for the best cars for new parents. Topping their list was the 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV. The electric hatch was highly rated for it’s environmentally friendly nature, long driving range and surprisingly large interior. had also previously praised the Bolt EV in their Car Seat Check. They found the Bolt had plenty of space even for a rear-facing infant seat. Read More

Check Out This Tesla Model 3 Performance Review By Unbox Therapy

It’s just futuristic … really futuristic.

Simple … spaceship vibes.

Ok, so the guys at Unbox Therapy are pretty excited, to say the least. The Tesla Model 3 Performance is not something that they would typically unbox … well, uncover actually. But, as they say, the Model 3 is like a smartphone on wheels and Tesla is more of a tech company than an automaker. We’re seeing more and more that tech publications — along with a multitude of other non-automotive websites, social media pages, and YouTube channels — are increasingly covering Tesla, and more specifically, the Model 3. Read More

Electric delivery vehicles are getting even better with new advances by companies like Bosch and Tropos Motors

Delivery vehicles and other utility vehicles are some of the best candidates for EVs. With frequent stops, starts and idling as well as the need for poserful low-end torque, these work horses can reap many of the most important performance benefits of electric vehicle drivetrains.

Apparently the industry agrees, with Bosch and Tropos Motors both announcing new EV products today. more… Read More

BYD Achieves The Unthinkable: 50% Of Sales Are Plug-Ins

BYD isn’t wasting its time.

The automaker is increasing plug-in car sales by as much as possible and achieved yet another monthly record, improving June’s result by almost 2,000.

In July, the Chinese manufacturer sold a record number of 18,203 plug-in electric cars, which is 62% more than a year ago.

See Also
In 7 Months Of 2018, Nissan LEAF Sales Nearly Exceeded All Of 2017 In Japan

British Plug-In Electric Car Market Expands: Nears 3% Market Share

BMW Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up 40% In 2018

Because sales of conventional models decreased, the share of New Energy Cars in BYD’s overall result is now at a record high of 50%. Read More

Mercedes Teases EQC Under Extreme Conditions, Shows Off Battery

Mercedes-Benz EQC recently went through some rigorous testing

We are just weeks from the unveiling of the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQC, scheduled for September 4. The first electric SUV from Daimler has undergone a lot of extreme testing, as this video teaser shows.

The short teaser video shows the production version of the battery pack with an attached unit that seems to be power electronics (maybe charger and DC/DC similar to the Tesla Model 3). Read More

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Best Sound System?

Time for some more Tesla Model 3 advice from our friend, Brian, The Money Guy.

We’ll start with a little disclaimer so as not to offend anyone. InsideEVs is not a financial website and although we are compelled to cover a minimal amount of financial and/or stock-related stories, it’s not what we’re about. No one here holds any Tesla stock or ever has. You may or may not appreciate Brian’s money advice and that’s your choice. We don’t share his videos as financial advice, but rather because he makes fantastic Model 3 review videos. Read More

This Portable EV Charger Operates On 120 Or 240: Costs Just $299

Accell AxFAST EVSE is portable, universal 120 or 240 V and it’s very affordable

The Accell just introduced its new portable AxFAST Level 2 EVSE, which is not only ready for 120 V or 240 V at 16 Amps (3.84 kW), but also affordable at $299.99 on

The 3.84 kW is not much juice, but still it should be well suited for most plug-in hybrids and some EVs, as well as being an additional portable EVSE. 10 years ago, a product such as this would’ve cost several times more. Read More

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