Four-Links – the origins of jaywalking, the Motel Menace, hearses to Hell, the last Checker(s)?

  1. Origins of Jaywalking: Delve into the history of jaywalking and its surprising origins, revealing how automobile interests shaped pedestrian behavior and urban infrastructure.
  2. The Motel Menace: Explore the intriguing history of roadside motels and their cultural significance, from their early days as havens for travelers to their portrayal in popular media.
  3. Hearses to Hell: Uncover the fascinating world of customized hearses and funeral cars, transformed into otherworldly vehicles for the living in the realm of hot rodding and custom car culture.
  4. The Last Checker(s): Discover the story of the iconic Checker Taxi Company and its legendary Checker Marathon, a symbol of American automotive history and a beloved icon of urban transportation.

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